TRUCKED UP Red Ford Raptor Goes Big But Fails

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Raptor Fail

Alright, so this next video had all of us laughing pretty hard after we rewound it a couple times. What we have here are a bunch of good ole boys jumping their pretty red Ford Raptor. Something that shouldn’t be all that difficult, unless say you consult the Internet first. Raptors are great trucks, and rugged ones at that, but jumping them hasn’t exactly proven to be a good idea. Even when jumped over a small crest as this video is about to show.

You think they are going to be ok, and honestly the first few times we all watched this, we thought they were, maybe just some broken pieces on the left hand side of the truck. But then you slow the video down and realize that they hit the sand a lot harder than you first thought.

Not only do you get the sickening crunch of parts breaking, but if you look at the trucks window, you can see that the airbags deployed. Maybe next time you attempt to jump your road truck, you’ll remember that too.

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