Ford Officially Recalls Rangers Over Faulty Takata Airbags

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We reported on January 25th that a Georgia man, driving a 2006 Ford Ranger, died when a faulty airbag inflator exploded as the truck’s airbag deployed after hitting a cow blocking the roadway. Metal from the inflator was sent flying into the man’s neck, fatally injuring him.

In an official press release today, Ford Motor Company has announced that it will recall all Ford Rangers, years ranging from 2004 – 2006, with the Takata airbag installed containing the flawed inflator. The recall will include 391,394 Rangers built in North America. Ford says that dealers will replace the driver-side airbag inflator at no cost.

Should you be concerned that your Ford Ranger has the faulty airbag inflator, you can find more information on Ford’s safety recall page. Just go to and click on the Safety Recall link at the bottom. You then enter your VIN number and the website will let you know if your vehicle is subject to the recall.  


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