Why is This Guy Dragging a Log Down the Road in His Explorer?

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Matt Farah gets to drive quite a few cars. Between the normal press cars and new cars from manufacturers, to the ridiculously tuned viewer cars on his One Take series, the man has seen and done almost everything. He hasn’t however, seen everything, as evidenced by this video.

The One Take starts off completely normally with Matt introducing the 800 horsepower VF Engineering Supercharged Lamborghini Huracan. It’s fast, loud, and looks spectacular. It’s also his to flog in the canyons for a few hours. Pretty sweet gig. Then he turns a corner at a super high rate of speed, and comes across what can only be described as some idiot dragging something along from the back of his Ford Explorer.

As you’ll see in the video below, Matt’s driving the supercharged Huracan quickly. As he rounds the corner, he slams super hard on the brakes and the picture is filled with a Ford Explorer, dragging by its bumper a very, very large piece of wood. Why? We have no idea. This is totally illegal, and unbelievably dangerous. Not just for the driver, but for everyone on the road. Seriously, did this guy not see what happened when Jeremy Clarkson attempted the same feat?

Wow, there are some truly frightening drivers out there.

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