Snowkhana 4 is Proof the Ford Focus RS is a Toy for Grown-Ups

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Snokhana 3

Automakers such as Ford put a lot of time, money, and effort into creating serious performance machines. Ironically, calling the results of their hard work a “toy” is not necessarily an insult. There are for worse things you can call a car: “boring,” “an appliance,” “a sleeping pill on four wheels” – the list goes on.

Toys are fun and Ford seems to have no problem associating its new Focus RS with them. In the following video, Snowkhana 4, it shows the 350-horsepower hot hatch in 1:64-scale form (aka Mental Block) zooming around a winter wonderland populated by LEGO minifigures, Minions, and Toy Story and Star Wars figures…as Ken Block Santa drifts through the snow in a full-size RS pursued by the police.

The 1:1-scale Focus RS might be impossible to fit into a birthday present box (or under a Christmas tree) when it comes out next year, but I’m sure adult kids-at-heart won’t be too upset about having to go out into the driveway to take the bow off of one of them.

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