An Italian Thoroughbred in 1932 Ford Clothing

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This twin-turbo Ferrari-powered 1932 Ford bodied monster needs a tv special on the Velocity channel for being one of the wildest Ford builds ever. If you asked these gentlemen who and why did you build this fiberglass Ford stuffed with a twin-turbo Ferrari V8 they would definitely say it was for them. The Belgian car and moto builder artist Alan Lee Designs came together with Vintage Flats to prepare with concept 3-window ‘32 Ford Body with a big blown V8 with over 1000 HP for the most recent SEMA show.

The fellas over at autoevolution had some interesting insights about the ‘Fordrarri” that I thought matched the engine to the body and componentry well. To handle all the forced-induced power the team has equipped their mad creation with four-corner independent suspension and all-around power disc braking system. Hidden behind the hot red drum covers are the discs. This delivers a classic look with modern performance. Beautiful “new-old-stock” packaging with respect for the old and smart tuning with the new. The entire build is documented well with pictures of assembly and painting through to the engine install.

Even though the ‘Fordrarri’ team paint the valve covers of the V8 engine red the power unit actually came from a Lancia Thema 8.32. The 32-valved Tipo-F105L unit wasn’t documented for it’s restoration and autoevolution tipped us that it might have been outsourced. Probably a good idea when you’re wanting to install two turbos pumping out more than 800HP to 1000HP. Having specialists handle the power production is the expert direction for a proper custom safe ride.

Autoevolution also got the word that this was just a concept show model that they put together for SEMA. The official rolling production is set to release in 2016. What type of exotic engines have you found in 1930’s Fords? Are you planning an extreme custom build like this? What body and power unit are you searching for?

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