Ford Racing Trucks Perform SEMA Stunt Show

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All I want for Christmas is this pair of these Ford F-150 and Raptor Racing Trucks that performed at this mad drift and jump freestyle event at SEMA. I know they couldn’t fit inside my stocking but they would fit into my garage being these are lowered, little more compact and race-ready. Yes, Christmas again this year would be about cars; “Because Racecar”. Racing Teams always seem to get to show off their top performers on other continents. Especially Europe but our few national events like SEMA we get see our American race cars tear up rubber and smoke out the scene.

These pro drivers really tore up the SEMA show with all sorts of stunting in their racing trucks. From long sweeping drifts where they slide sideways almost the whole distance of the show area to wild 360 spins up to baby controlled jumps. This is what the SEMA is all about right? Big toys, big parts, fast cars and stunt shows, wait wait and women. At around 3:20 into the video one driver throws the truck into an off-balance jump to show the amazing abilities of the truck and him.

This is the kind of truck racing I grew up with at the Mickey Thompson events. I have a true childhood love that has evolved into an respect for the drivers and discipline. Being able to handle these big machines at their limits is quite an amazement. Even if their light weight racing machines, any lifted racing vehicle takes certain skills that are special to keep it cooking.

Have you been to an Auto Show or an event like SEMA that had a major stunting session like this one? Join the conversation and add the video so we can enjoy the smoky madness with you. I remember I saw Ken Block at the 2013 LA Auto Show perform a mad burnout for the introduction of the new Ford Focus and Fiesta ST.

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