Watch a Ford F-150 Destroy a Mazda RX8

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This  video features a previous generation Ford F-150 drag racing against a Mazda RX8. While the RX8 is certainly not engineered to be a drag strip beast, it is still technically a sports car and in this video – this sports car gets outrun by a full size Ford F-150 pickup.

We don’t have any details on either of these vehicles, but it is clearly a Ford F-150 which appears to be relatively stock racing against what is almost certainly a stock Mazda RX8. The F-150 appears to get off of the line a little quicker and while it is tough to tell on the original camera phone, it looks as though the Ford maintains the lead as the two race off into the distance.

This is confirmed at the very end of the video, when the win light in the left lane comes on, giving the Ford F-150 the win over the RX8.

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