Bad Ford Ranger Driving in Russia

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On the heels of learning that, Ford will once again offer both the Ranger and the Bronco here in the U.S., we wanted to show you exactly what were are getting, or at least hope we are getting. The video below has a newer Ford Ranger apparently stuck in the middle of nowhere Russia. The Ranger appears to be stuck in a boggy area and needs to be helped out of the 2-ft. deep ruts. At least at the start of it.

It seems that the driver isn’t exactly all that knowledgeable about how to actually off-road. He seems to take it entirely too slow and not have it fully kitted out to tackle the obstacles he’s trying to overcome. This should not be an indictment of the Ranger we’re getting, because that’s already proven to be a potent little truck.

Maybe we can just chock this up to youthful exuberance and Russia?

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