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Ford Explorer Out-climbs a Durango…on a Steep, Snowy Hill! (Video)

Ford Explorer Crossing Water

Unstoppable Ford SUV shows that it deserves more off-road credit than it gets, making this climb look effortless.

  Comments | By - February 4, 2019

1996 Bronco Converted into a Sweet Off-Roading Camper

1996 Bronco Climbing Rocks

Big Bronco features a six-inch lift, 35-inch tires, a custom rear bumper and lights in the cargo area.

  Comments | By - December 19, 2018

Tackle Rugged Trails with FTE‘s Guide to Off-Roading

2017 F-150 Raptor

If you’ve been wanting to take your Ford out for a day of or rock crawling, our guide will lead the way to a successful adventure.

  Comments | By - December 12, 2018

2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak is Unstoppable in the Worst Conditions: Muddy Monday

Aussie Ranger Flex

Footage puts to rest any concerns that the new Ford Ranger won’t be a great off-roader.

  Comments | By - December 3, 2018

Mega-Raptor Laughs at the Deepest Mud Holes (Video)

F-150 Raptor Mega Mud Truck Front Corner

Even when it is pulling another mud truck, this wicked F-150 Raptor is unstoppable.

  Comments | By - November 27, 2018

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