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Hemmings Daily recently posted a perfect project two-door 1931 Ford Model A Tudor body-style in the standard edition. What a bargain at $5,000. This is a great time to plan over the Winter for a next year Spring through Summer restoration. This standard edition has been sold or expired but this is an example of the price point and condition you want to look for, for great value.

This Model A Tudor has been family owned and somewhat preserved for the last 40 years. Hemmings specialists indicated from the pictures it is a standard edition not the Deluxe model introduced the same year.

The Deluxe Tudor had carpeting, cowl-mounted headlights, a tear-drop curved firewall and rear-passenger seat armrests which aren’t equipped on this model. The headlights were an option Just 20,000 Deluxe units out of the 1.25 million total units produced over its four year model run.

Hemmings Ford Model A experts also noticed a different 1930 grille shell that could lead to something. Down in the comments some of the members mentioned that Henry Ford would use last year parts on a new year chassis. A smart thing for any owner to do is look up the serial number from Ford to find the exact build specifications. Knowing colors, parts and other factors will help restore value and it’s American spirit.

Are you a Ford Model A Tudor aficionado who sees more details left out here? How would you bring this standard Model A Tudor back to life? Do you see this car as a future touring antique or a concours-quality piece of art?

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Via [Hemmings Daily]

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