Badass ’68 F-100 Can Kick Bumblebee’s Butt!

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It may look mellow-yellow, but with a full rebuild in 2011 and pushing over 400 hp, this vintage Ford truck is one bad mofo.

This 1968 Ford F-100 recently caught our eye on the Classic Car auction site. After all, even if the truck was not as badass as it is, how can anyone miss that bold color? Of course, the F-100’s loud color is likely to have its equal share of admirers and detractors, but in the case of this vintage Ford truck, its beauty — and plenty of power — definitely comes from inside.

According to the owner, the F-100 was fully rebuilt in 2011 when it had 50,000 miles on it. Since then the truck has only been driven another 5,000. The best part? The rebuilt and modified 351 Windsor lays down over 400 horsepower.


In the case of this vintage Ford truck, its beauty — and plenty of power — comes from inside.


On top of that, the automatic transmission is accessed via a Quicksilver slap shift. We can argue whether ratchet action shifters are a good choice or not for road driving, but there’s no denying how fun they are on a street rod. This badass metal beast also has power brakes, which is definitely worth having when unleashing all those horses in something this old.

The panel gap fitment is also pretty impressive, plus, it has new glass and seals too. The paint is obviously in good condition, but the bright yellow is a matter of taste. However, if you’re not a huge fan of the Transformers’ Bumblebee’s favorite hue, there may be a problem with changing the body color because that the yellow theme is carried on through the truck. Repainting the engine block would definitely be more troublesome than replacing the HT leads and the seats.

However, with an asking price of around $17,500, we can certainly tolerate the bold color.

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