Watch Salesman Try to Convince You an F-250 Can’t Go Over 65 MPH!

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The only thing shakier than this truck is the explanation.

Remember that guy who told you the best way to get more power from your car was to get a torque wrench and start adding torque to every bolt you could find? It seems he’s found his way into a customer service position.

In a day and age when diesel-powered pickup trucks are outrunning supercars at the dragstrip with only an ECU reflash, this guy is trying to pass off on a customer that a late-model F-250 wasn’t built to exceed the speed limit. Seriously, dude?

Rate Your Service Experience

Let’s be clear, the evidence we have here comes from the highly reputable source of some guy’s low-quality Facebook video. It could be fake, and have no way of knowing if the video and audio are even related.

However, assuming that this video is legit and that it actually evidences something that really happened, it’s the type of stuff that makes your teeth grind.

After all, there’s nothing worse than seeing an ignorant sales associate attempting to pull one over on an unsuspecting customer in hopes that they won’t have enough mechanical knowledge to call out the BS.

Clearly, something is malfunctioning on this truck, which is causing it to wobble. It’s unfortunate for this customer because not only is the ride uncomfortable, it’s not fuel efficient either.

Pulling Power

It’s true that working trucks like the Ford F-250 are built with stiff suspension that allows them to haul heavy loads. A late-model F-250 can tow more than 12,000 pounds—a staggering amount. Believe us when we say that the kind of power required to haul three identical F-250s behind it gives the F-250 enough grunt to achieve speeds far beyond 65 mph.

Ford has been building trucks for oh, say a century now. They know how people use these trucks, and you had better believe they know that people don’t putt around doing 65 mph in a consumer-grade monster truck like the F-250.

For crying out loud, Road & Track even found that oversized pickups are the best vehicles to speed in without getting a ticket. That must have been one uncomfortable test.

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Scott Huntington is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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