This Real-Life Tonka Truck Is the Only Toy We Need

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What’s that saying about the bigger the boy, the bigger the toys?

The holidays are officially coming to a close and everyone is enjoying all their new toys, gifts, gizmos and gadgets. But of all the wonderful things we received this year, we are currently left a little wanting. We were wandering around Instagram and stumbled across this badass Ford, and now it’s the only thing we want. The rusted and roughed exterior, coupled with that distinctive yellow paint and giant tire setup make our inner child screaming just one thing.


Maybe it’s all the giant trucks and toys we bought for our nephew this year, but we can’t stop thinking about all of the mud holes and rock trails we could dominate with this behemoth. We fell so deep into this dream-hole that we even started looking at where to buy scrap cars so we could live out our inner monster truck fantasies as well.

Of course, if this one picture isn’t enough truck-porn to fill your mind with thoughts of proper hooligan activities, just check the rest of the photos on Darren Parsons’ page. This homegrown off-road racer has dozens of photos of his Ford prerunner truck getting dirty, airborne, sideways and airborne some more. So, take yourself a quick break from work, check through all these amazing photos, and allow yourself to slip into the new year on the back of big truck fantasies.

#MegaTireMonday!? That a thing? 😂 (still giggling about this truck)

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