Put on Your Big Boy Pants and Buy a Real Formula Ford Race Car

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If you’re going to buy a used race car, you better make sure the previous owner knew what the hell he was doing. This Formula Ford racer belonged to a 45-year Jaguar mechanic and aerospace engineer, so you could say he sorta knew his way around cars. The exact model is a 1968 Dulon LD4B.

It started racing back in the ’60s and has won in both Formula B and Formula Ford, in part thanks to a 1,600cc Ford engine. For the FF setup, it used a single downdraft carb, but for FB, it used a dual-downdraft Weber carb that had a sidedraft intake manifold setup. That powertrain was recently refreshed and has less than an hour of use on it. The body is completely made of fiberglass and needs a fresh coat, unless you like seeing the rugged experienced past while you hopefully drive to victory yourself.


The engine is linked to a Hewland Mk.9 with a Quaife limited slip differential with short gearing. Two sets of older wheels come with it, along with an extra engine, and even gears for the trans. Still, it’ll need a new fuel cell, a fire system, and updated tires. For its current bid of $2,000, why wouldn’t you buy this?

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