Tooling Around Town in a 1931 Model AA

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The Ford Model AA was one of the pioneers of the commercial trucking world, serving as a heavier-duty version of one of the most iconic vehicles of all time—the Model A.

The A and the AA shared quite a few parts and materials, but the latter was much more spartan inside and more capable underneath. Despite the added weight from a heavier chassis, Ford didn’t bother increasing power to compensate, as it’s powered by the same 201 cubic inch inline-four from its non-heavy-duty brother. The whopping 40 horsepower produced by the little engine was only somewhat assisted by a low-geared transmission, which helped acceleration when loaded with goods or towing something.

This gem of an AA has been completely restored by Manns Restoration in Festus, Missouri, a family-owned shop that’s been around since 1936 or so. The truck has been brought back to original spec, save for the custom oak bed. It’s certainly one of the nicest one’s we’ve seen, a testament to the quality work done at Manns.

What these heavy-duty tools lacked in top-end speed and power they sure made up for it in character. Whether you’re looking for a charming vehicle to tool around town in, or simply a collector’s truck, this might be your guy!

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