Ford’s new Interiors Allow You to Carry More Crap!

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Last year I had the opportunity to test over 45 different vehicles ranging from pickup trucks, luxury sedans, hopeless sports cars and practical minivans. Want to guess what they all had in common?

Well, besides all of them having four tires and a steering wheel, they all lacked room for the crap I carry. Funny enough, I consider myself rather practical and believe that I don’t carry nearly as much stuff as others, only needing enough room for my sunglasses, water bottle, cell phone, and keys. Oh wait…

Regardless, I can’t even imagine what people like my wife and kids feel like, as they like to bring the entire home with them on every road trip! According to Pew Research Center, roughly one in three Americans now own a smartphone, a computer and a tablet – a 140 percent increase over the last three years. Heck, even my 5-five-year-old has a tablet, and my teenager a smartphone, a Kindle Fire, and a laptop.

Because of this sharp increase, Ford drove a 59-percent storage increase in the 2017 Ford Fusion over the previous model; all so you could carry more crap with you. Not only that, but shifters, main console storage areas, arm rests, and all kinds of other components have had to be rethought and redesigned to comply with modern customer’s needs.


“Without the larger base of the traditional shifter, there was much more room for us to add features that are important to the Fusion customer, like storage and connections,” says Badawi. “We were able to shuffle around the driver-assist controls to the base of the shifter, along with the electronic brake, for a more intuitive arrangement for the customer, as well as providing a longer armrest for significantly improved elbow comfort for drivers.”

Truth-be-told this is only the beginning, as what we’ve always considered “normal” or “traditional” will give way to new ideas as times move forward.

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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