This 1930 Ford Model A Juts Accomplished Something Crazy!

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There’s no doubt that the Ford Model A was and still is one of the most reliable vehicles ever built by Ford. This stunt by a few Hagerty employees is proof of that.

You may have heard of Hagerty Insurance, they’re the leading company in classic vehicle insurance, and every year a team of their top valuations experts travels to Hershey, Pennsylvania for the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Eastern Fall Meet. But this year, they were surprised with a whole new challenge by their employer.

The challenge was to built a drivable 1930 Ford Model A in less than 100 hours, using only what they sourced from the weekend’s parts meet. They called it the, “Swap to Street” challenge. To make things even more difficult, they had to do so with a budget of less than $10,000 bucks. Needless to say, this challenge put their skills to the real test!

Once the Model A was built the challenge wasn’t over, they  were then required to drive the vehicle back to Hagerty’s headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, which is a distance of 700 miles away. Many of the 700 miles included some fairly large uphills and therefore downhills. Not the kind of roads you want to take a recently-built 86-year-old car assembled with spare parts on.

In the end, the guys made it back home. It took them a total of two days at an average speed of 30 mph. They encountered plenty of trouble and had to stop for a few fixes, but it goes to show just how tough the Ford Model A still is!

Great job, Hagerty!

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Story & Photos via: [Hagerty]

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