BEWARE: How to Break Into Ford Transit in 45 Seconds

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Theft victim hopes to warn fellow Transit owners, and motivate Ford to address the wide-spread problem.

If you own a Ford Transit van you must watch this video. It could save tons of money and a huge headache. As you already know, the Transit van is commonly used for commercial applications, such as hauling equipment, moving furniture, and even converting into an RV. But beware! There’s a trick which allows an average crook to quickly break into the van with only a set of pliers.

According to the video by SWNS TV, a potential thief would only need to break the plastic lock casing off the front door. Then, using the pliers he would twist the lock twice for door to unlock. All in all, the total time to do this would be around 45 seconds. For those who spend tens of thousands of dollars on a Transit van and store valuable equipment inside, this is terrifying.

Alan Hills says he’s not doing this to educate potential criminals, but to keep others from becoming victims like he did. He wants to point out a significant flaw in the lock design, and hope that Ford will take a serious look and fix this issue on future models.

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