EXCLUSIVE: Chatting With Ford Truck Owner, ‘CC Tactics,’ on Guns, the Outdoors and More!

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cc tactics

Her badass F-150 and Instagram feed put CC Tactics on our radar. But the more we learned about the girl behind “the feed,” the more curious we became.

You don’t have to be a social media guru or online marketing expert to know that “Instafame” is a real thing. Folks who are “Instafamous” interact with their audiences day in and day out, and even bond with them in several ways.

CC Tactics is one of these rockstars of the ‘Gram, and with 82,500 followers she’s in high demand for many reasons. The obvious one, she’s beautiful, she’s fit, and she’s not afraid to show it. As you could imagine, this brings lots of wanted and some unwanted attention. On the other hand, she’s an avid outdoorswoman, an exercise nut, and a gun aficionado. This makes her the perfect influencer for several companies, but also makes folks wonder: what is she after, and is she legit?

Her public name (more on this later) is Char Cee. After chatting with her for half-an-hour, I not only realized she’s most definitely “legit,” but even more badass than her photos lead me to believe!

cc tactics

Jerry: Tell me about the girl from Instagram. Is it a hobby, a brand, is it your real life?

CC: “Totally. It’s my real life. I’m big on fishing and hunting, I’m an advocate for women and fire arms. I worked hard for my body, and when it’s 114 degrees outside you bet I’ll be fishing in a bikini! That’s me and that’s what my followers get.”


Jerry: You’re down with sharing photos of yourself in bikinis and dresses, as well as full hunting gear. Plus, you seem to understand the difference between sexy and raunchy.

CC: “Absolutely. It’s okay to be a tom boy, and it’s okay to be super girly. I’m proud of my body but I feel like balance is key. I would never post anything that’s disrespectful, and even though I’m single I want to keep part of me for my significant other. There are many people on social media who simply show it all, and some of them are even married! I’m all about empowering women to be themselves.”


Jerry: On your profile it says you grew up in Alaska, but now you live in Arizona. Are you originally from there, or how did such a radical move happen?

CC:  “No, I grew up in Alaska and lived there for 16 years. That’s what fueled my passion for fishing and hunting. I eventually moved to Seattle where I pursued my masters degree in criminal justice. I guess that after having rain and snow my entire life, I figured I needed some sun!”


Jerry: Masters in criminal justice, huh? So this whole gun thing isn’t just for likes, you actually know what you’re talking about.

CC: “Definitely. I originally began recruiting for law enforcement, and I’ve been a private investigator for four years. Hence the reason why I don’t reveal my real name. I’m a spokesperson for many local gun shops, and I empower women to not depend on a man for protection. I believe every woman should know how to protect herself.”


Jerry: Let’s talk about the one thing that led to this interview — your Ford F-150. Why did you choose it over the competition, and what’s your favorite thing about the truck?

CC: “The F-150 has actually been my dream truck. I’m a Ford girl, I’ve always been. From a young age I always dreamed of having a cool Ford truck, so I bought one. It’s a 2015 F-150 SuperCrew XLT with the 2.7L EcoBoost engine, and I love the way it looks and I love the quality. I haven’t had any issues with it. Oh, and I absolutely love the mpg, even with my Fabtech lift kit, Motometal Wheels and off-road Nitto Tires!”

cc tactics

Jerry: I’m dying to know; what are your quirks? Is there something odd or hilarious that folks would never expect from the badass chick on Instagram?

CC: “Mmm… well, french fries are my absolute weakness! Also, I can cook a mean meal in the kitchen (American or Filipino). I have to fish every time I’m on vacation, and I once got my arm stuck on a door panel while wrapping a vehicle! Oh, there’s one more. My mom often says to me: ‘You’re the son your dad always wanted.’


Jerry: Last but not least. You mentioned you’re single. I’m sure many of our readers would love to know — are you more attracted to a guy who owns a nice truck, or an exotic sports car? After all, you already have the cool truck!

CC: “A truck! (Laughs) It’s more of a lifestyle choice. I can’t relate to a city boy. I’m always out camping in the desert, I’m out in the streams fishing, I’m out traveling the world — those are my passions. If someone doesn’t share that same passion, it just wouldn’t work out. Life is too short to settle and be unhappy.”


Don’t forget to show CC Tactics some love on Instagram, so make sure you follow her and like her photos. Also, you can check out some of her really cool gear by clicking here!

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