Tiger Siberian Has the Post-Apocalyptic Ford You Need

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Tiger Siberian

Even if the world doesn’t end, you’ll appreciate the unstoppable off-road beast that is the Tiger Siberian.

Does the current state of the world have you worried about the future, or lack thereof? Have you found yourself stashing supplies and watching Doomsday Preppers? If you’ve recently started pricing out underground bunkers, you’ve undoubtedly started thinking about what kind of transportation you’ll need post-apocalypse as well. We’ve got the perfect solution for your paranoia-fueled plan: the Tiger Siberian!

The Siberian not only looks the part of a burned out city crawler, it plays it as well. The beastly truck built by Tiger Adventure Vehicles in West Columbia, South Carolina, is based on the beefy Ford F-550. To that, they add skid plates, gas shocks, a single rear wheel conversion, bead lock wheels, and 41″ Continental off-road tires.

Tiger Siberian

You’ll also get a massive brush guard for plowing down zombies, a winch, and plenty of off-road lighting. The aluminum camper/coach body is attached to the truck using a three-point mounting system, which prevents torsional stress. Oh, and the self-contained unit is capable of dry camping for extended periods of time thanks to deep cycle AGM batteries and 600 watts of solar power.

Speaking of the coach, you’ll hardly notice the dreary world around you while you’re swaddling in its comfort. Large amounts of insulation drown out the moans of the undead outside so you can relax. Sleep comfortably in the king size bed with a memory foam mattress, or flip through the pages of The War of the Worlds with the overhead LED reading lights.

Tiger Siberian

Of course, the Tiger Siberian has everything else you’ll need to enjoy a weekend in the woods as well. There’s a TV, a full bathroom, and a kitchen with fridge, freezer, stove, and microwave. Everything runs on the beefy batteries and diesel power, so all you need is some extra gas. Oh, and at least $248,500 bucks plus a bit more if you want more options.

Isn’t that a small price to pay for your post-apocalyptic safety (and comfort)?

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