Transform Your Ford F-150 into a Fastback

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Ford F-150 with Aero X Cap Rear Side

Ford F-150 has a Mustang-like rear end with this cover that is part bed cap and part tonneau cover.

The odds are good that few Ford F-150 owners have ever thought “I love my truck, but I really wish that I could have gotten a fastback versions”. That really doesn’t make much sense, or at least it didn’t before Michigan Vehicle Solutions (MVS) rolled out the Aero X. This combines the enclosed protection of a hard tonneau cover, the added storage space of a bed cap and the rear end fastback design of the mighty Mustang into one slick product for the 2015-and-newer Ford F-150.

Custom F-150

The MVS Aero X bed cover was displayed what looks to be a 2017 Ford F-150 Platinum. Like pretty much every truck at SEMA, this half-ton pickup has aftermarket wheels and tires, and it looks like it might be sitting a bit higher than stock, so there could be some suspension mods as well.

Ford F-150 with Aero X Rear

That is a pretty short mod list for a SEMA show vehicle, but this F-150 was still one of the most unique newer Ford trucks on display thanks to the bed cover. Lots of trucks have new wheels and tires, lift kits and bed caps, but none of them have the overall form of a fastback pickup; except for this deep red Ford in the MVS booth.

Aero X Ford F-150 Front

The MVS Aero X

While bed caps and tonneau covers have been around for decades, we have never seen one quite like the MVS Aero X. It is technically a bed cap, but the tapered design in body-colored fiberglass transforms this truck into a fastback. Like the fastback Mustang, it has a long, sloping rear window with louvers to keep the sun from beating down on the contents of the cargo box along with opening vent windows on the side.

Aero X Ford F-150 Side Open

The cover opens like a Fox Body fastback, with the entire top portion lifting up away from the bed to reveal a large, carpeted cargo area. There is an LED dome light and a slider at the front, allowing flow-through access from the cab to the bed via the two sliding windows.

Ford F-150 Aero X Inside

In addition to providing shaded, protection for the contents of your cargo box, the Aero X bed cover offers superior aerodynamics while avoiding the “old man cap” look, making this an exciting option for Ford F-150 owners who want a unique option to securing the contents of the bed.

Aero X Ford F-150 Cap Side

It should be noted that MVS also plans to offer a similar cover design for the upcoming Ford Ranger, so whether you drive a new F-150 or Ranger, you can transform it into a fastback pickup.

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