THROWBACK VIDEO Old School Bronco Rules the Mud

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2g bronco in mud 600

This week’s Throwback video features a 1978-1979 Ford Bronco taking on the slop of the Back 40 Mud Bog in Michigan. With some steep banks and some deep muddy water, the classic Bronco makes the first pass through the mud bog at low speed, easing through the mud and up the embankments that make this pit doubly challenging.

However, after successfully creeping through the mud on the first run, this 2nd gen Bronco hits the mud a whole lot harder on the second run – making it a bit more exciting and looking just as simple for the big SUV.

While there is no mod list or details of any kind on this Ford Bronco, it has obviously been modified with some massive mud tires and a hefty suspension setup. Also, it sounds like the V8 under the hood is a little healthier than either of the stock available engines so make sure to have your speakers cranked up for the full effect of this classic Bronco conquering the mud.

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