TRUCK PULLIN’ F-350 Super Duty Pulls Sled Silently & Effortlessly

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quiet f350 pull 600

This week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a current generation Ford F-350 Super Duty in action while hooked to a pulling sled. This video is unique in the simple fact that this F-350 is both very quiet while pulling the sled and it appears to create no diesel smoke.

The vast majority of the diesel truck pulling videos online have trucks that are deafening under load while also pouring clouds of soot into the air, but this video proves that you don’t need to roll coal or sound like a semi to pull a major load.

We get to watch this new Ford F-350 Super Duty make two pulls – both of which are quiet and smoke free – and both of which appear to be pretty effortless.

This is a great video to watch at work since you don’t need the sound turned up to appreciate how well this Super Duty pulls with no obvious modifications. Enjoy!

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