Throwback Thursday: Ford Econoline Pickup Debut

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The cab-forward design of the 1964 Econoline pickup changed the way Americans looked at trucks. Albeit, briefly.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video features a TV commercial for the 1964 Ford Econoline pickup. When the charming little truck was introduced, it was a departure from the popular Ford truck lineup. Rather than sharing a body-on-frame design, it was a unibody vehicle based on the Ford Falcon chassis.

The first generation of Ford Econoline vans and pickups featured a front-mid drivetrain layout. It placed the engine between the two front seats, allowing engineers to shift the cab forward and create more cargo space for the bed. Ford called the design “a completely new concept in trucks,” although Dodge, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen all offered nearly identical configurations.


The Econoline pickup offered a handful of advantages over the Ford F-Series of the time, and therefore targeted folks who didn’t need the full capabilities of the full-size trucks. It was cheaper, too, in 1964 the awkward little pickup cost $239 less than a comparable half-ton truck, and it offered a whopping 30 miles per gallon!

The 1964 Econoline squared against a half-ton truck quite favorably but had a lower purchase price, better fuel economy, higher payload capacity and more cargo space – all in a smaller package.

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Video via: [Economike62]

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