Should the New Super Duty Ride like a Luxury Car?

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Super Duty

Trucks like top trim-level Super Duty pickups cost about as much as a luxury car. But is it silly to compare the two, or totally reasonable?

A funny thing happened over the last decade or so. Whereas folks used to buy trucks solely for their utility, today, many expect a lot more. They want their Super Duty to not only haul massive loads, but to also coddle them in the kind of comfort once reserved for premium nameplates. Ford (and every other truck manufacturer) has responded by offering more and more luxurious pickup trim levels. And of course, they come with higher and higher price tags.

But strip away all that leather and wood, and there’s still a truck underneath. A truck built to haul and tow heavy things and go places that cars cannot. And modern technology has allowed Ford to build a Super Duty that offers a ride so comfortable and quiet that even a decade ago folks wouldn’t have thought it was possible. It’s not going to top something, like say, a Lexus. But that’s to be expected, right?

Well, maybe it is. At least, Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum member Shoester thinks so, and he sounded off about it in this thread.

Super Duty Limited

“Let me be clear – the powertrain is phenomenal. 6.7 has plenty of power. I have 7,500 miles on a 2017 F-350 DRW 4×4 Lariat, $69k MSRP. I am extremely disappointed that a $69k vehicle has so many embarrassing squeaks and rattles inside the cab. The drivers door rattles, something from the cup-holder area squeaks, and the plastic piece below the AC controls/above the sliding door squeaks. Did I just get a bad truck? Am I expecting too much? Do the Audis and BMWs of the same price point have these issues?”

Justified questions, or not? Like us, CBEllis doesn’t see this as a fair comparison.

“At the end of the day, it’s still a truck. It should have a different purpose than a car or SUV or minivan. The front axle makes a big difference, but you knew that going in, right? It’s a truck. And on the comparison, Ford vs. GM vs. Dodge vs. Nissan vs. Toyota – just look at longevity and resale value retention. You’ve made the right choice. Relax and enjoy it.”


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