2018 Ford Super Duty Limited: World’s Swankiest Hauler? (Poll)

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Super Duty

Step outside your current tax bracket, and envision having to tow a huge boat or camper. Would you drop $100k on a Super Duty Limited?

Some you might know the struggles that come with wealth. Whether it’s boat storage, RV storage, or keeping up with the Cessna’s maintenance at your local private airport — being well-off and surrounded by toys ain’t easy. This is especially true when transporting said toys requires a truck with very specific capabilities.

Super Duty

Super Duty

Last week we shared with you the unveiling of the 2018 Ford Super Duty Limited, the most luxurious and the most expensive Ford Super Duty ever. Oh, and there’s one more title this behemoth can also lay claim to — the most expensive.

Should you tick every option in the order sheet at the time of configuring, a 2018 F-450 Super Duty Limited dually with the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel will set you back a staggering $94,455. Yes, that’s almost $100,000 for a stock truck directly from Ford Motor Company.

Super Duty

Super Duty

In any way you look at it, it is an unholy amount of money. But think about it this way, when you already own a $400,000 boat, a $200,000 camper, and place enormous value on taking time off from work to enjoy these toys with the family, what’s $100k for a luxurious pickup truck? Especially one that will allow you to tow all the cool toys you already have, and then some?

We know this may be far-fetched for many of you (and us), but the truth is that despite the earth-shattering MSRP, the 2018 Ford Super Duty will sell, and sell very well.

Would you buy a 2018 Ford Super Duty Limited?

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