Walk On Water: The Ford Raptor Is Godlike!

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Unstoppable Raptor take on some badass mudder-truck action.

The guys over at the YouTube channel Hooned Out love to put their 2010 Ford Raptor through impressive and messy feats and stunts — or torture tests, depending on your perspective. But it doesn’t matter what you throw at this Raptor because it laughs at any challenge and still comes out as badass as ever…and a whole lot dirtier. And we couldn’t ask for anything  more!

In this video the Hooned Out crew takes it to the river, and hits record time as we watch the the heavy-duty Raptor cross some treacherous terrain. Hooned Out‘s videos are really well done, giving us all the action from the POV of the driver as well as the observer, who is most likely dropping his or her jaw right about now. It’s quite a feat for the Raptor, which conquers the river without breaking a sweat. Was there any doubt?

2010 Raptor crosses river

Now, we suspect some people might say it is insane to take your truck in the water like this. We’re definitely not one of those people. The guys obviously know how to go off-roading with the Raptor, and clearly this isn’t their first rodeo. They have modded out the Raptor for such wet and wild fun, and Hooned Out seems to be of the mindset “go big or go home”

Some of the other videos on the Hooned Out channel include some crazy mudding on 37-inches. It a thrill ride, and they capture all the action from inside and outside the truck. Of course, the Raptor is a great, big, solid truck to take mudding, and it slays the bogs. It also gets completely filthy, and man, is it worth it.

2010 Raptor mudding

Check out the Hooned Out channel for burnouts, mudding, and some good (not-so-clean) fun.

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