Fantasy Ford Trucks: $2 Million F-550 Is Badass…and Bulletproof!

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Karlmann King

If you’re an aspiring super-villain with a couple of million bucks to spend, then the 4×4 Karlmann King is for you.

When it comes to going over the top, the Chinese firm IAT has done it right. It’s as if they looked at the Batmobile and thought, “That’s cute, but let’s make something real,” and then went to work. The company bills the Karlmann King as a high-end, custom-built, “stealth ground fighter,” as well as an “unprecedented visual feast.” Big claims, but it’s hard to deny it makes the neighbor’s crossover look like something it would hunt for fun.

The Karlmann King utilizes both carbon fiber and steel, then weighs in at an ungainly 9,920 lbs. That makes it no surprise that they needed to build it on one of the strongest platforms out there – the Ford F550 commercial truck. Even with the Ford 6.8-liter V10, the Karmann King’s top speed is only 87 mph. Of course, if you have the kind of money to throw at something like this then it’s likely the meetings and events start whenever you choose to get there.

Karlmann King interior

According to the company’s website, you can control the entertainment, climate, and seating from an app. If the standard creature comforts aren’t enough for the wildly wealthy customer, then there’s the options list to dive into. For the aspiring super villain, there’s the bullet-proof option and also a six-seat, six-door version to accommodate their henchmen. All in all, it’s possible to spend $3.8 million on this angular monster with an on-board living room.

Under the shell, the front and rear is sat on solid axles on air suspension. The approach and departure angle is 30 degrees, and it’s four-wheel-drive so the Karlmann King should be fairly capable relative to its weight. The fuel economy is not listed, but if that’s a concern for someone looking to buy one then they probably can’t afford it.

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