MUDFEST Lifted Excursion Pushes Thru the Mud with Ease

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excursion offroad

This week’s Mudfest video features a lifted Ford Excursion taking part in some brief off-roading.

As four wheel drive vehicles go, the Excursion has a reputation as being more of a concrete jungle machine, but thanks to a lift kit and some big mud tires, this heavy hitter has no problem moving through the deep ruts and thick mud.

The video starts off as the Ford Excursion is entering the small mud obstacle where it meets some fairly deep, muddy water.

The big rig pushes right through that before hitting a much deeper hole that is followed quickly by a steep uphill grade. This section slows the big SUV a bit, but with a handful of hard wheel spinning, the Excursion climbs up out of the hole and onto dry land.

Not every Ford Excursion gets to playing around off-road, but this video is proof that the big family hauler can handle the mud as well as the highway.

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