New Ford Rouge Factory Tour is an EcoBlast!

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Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Ford has been changing a lot in recent years. Not only have they moved in favor of EcoBoost engines, but they have also introduced the aluminum pickup for 2015. Beyond just that, they have just completed work on improving the Ford Rouge Factory Tour.

If you don’t know what this place is, then you’re missing out. It is a fully functioning factory where Fords are assembled, and it is open to the public for tours and exploration.

They have two theater rooms (one of which has been vastly improved and redone), visual displays, historical vehicles, and much, much more.

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Though many changes were made to the factory, probably the most visually obvious are located in the second theater room. Three large screen, a 3/4 scale fiberglass sculpted F-150, and two genuine and huge machines make up the display.

The background changes and 3D imaging allows the truck itself to change color and appear to be driving. Laser lights, vibrant hues, temperature changes, and seat vibration all lead the audience to be entranced by the display. It is truly an amazing sight!

Ford Rouge Factory Tour

So much more has been done to the factory, and we can’t even begin to tell you all of it. Even so, the same classic vehicles are still on display, though a 2003 F-150 has been replaced with a 2015 model to modernize the experience.


Feel free to check out some more information on the Ford Rouge Factory Tour renovations and to watch the video below to see the theater and its iconic displays as well as the assembly line for the production of the new aluminum Ford truck!

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