This Dude Found His Stolen F-250’s Wheels Online, Then the Truck Itself

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Have you ever made a delicious sandwich for yourself, then dropped it on the floor on your way to the dining table? It sucks, right? All of that work for nothing. Anthony Lauricella of Cape Coral, FL knows what that’s like on a much larger scale.

He searched for three or four months to find the 2006 Ford F-250 King Ranch he wanted. Five weeks later, he worked on it in his driveway until around midnight.

Unfortunately, Cape Coral is in Southwest Florida, where, according to Sergeant Dana Coston of the Cape Police Department, there have been multiple thefts of Ford trucks.

In fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau states that F-Series trucks are among the top five most stolen vehicles because they’re common and good sellers, and they drive a large market for replacement parts. You know where this is going…

Lauricella woke up to find his pickup gone. He filed a police report.

Then, after several weeks, nothing happened…

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…until Lauricella made something happen. He went on Craigslist and found the wheels to his KR. Someone near him was selling them, too. The address to where he tracked his rollers was also where Lauricella’s truck was located. As of right now, no arrests have been made in relation to the theft.

Lauricella’s insurance company had already compensated him for his loss, so when his F-250 was recovered, the agency took possession of it. Here’s to hoping Lauricella is able to get an even cooler Ford truck now.

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