BUILDUP A 1963 F-100 Custom Cab Trade

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1963 Ford F-100 Custom Cab

FTE member jlincks got this 1963 F-100 Custom Cab in a straight trade for his motorcycle, which he had also gotten in a straight trade months earlier for some home theater items.

Originally this ’63 was painted blue and had a 292 engine, but as it sits now it is in white and has a 289 from a ’65 Galaxy under the hood.


The intake and the carburetor were both off the truck when he took it home, and once they were put back on the old rig fired right up and drove.

So far jlincks has put a new shift selector seal in to stop a bad leak from the transmission, cleaned up the interior (which, unfortunately, had some rat nests!), bought some used fenders and mirrors, and is having a friend help in putting in a front clip from Crown Victoria.


In addition to all of this, jlincks has also done some body work, purchased some 2008 Mustang GT500 wheels, and lowered the ride a few inches.

When complete, jlincks doesn’t expect this Ford to be a a true show truck, but rather an enjoyable weekend rig to attend cruises and small shows in his home town. After all, everyone needs a decent weekend ride!


Go drop by his build thread and show your support!

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