Modified Ford Ranger Conquers Everything in Its Path

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Modified ford ranger

A lot of folks are (rightfully) concerned about the forthcoming Ford Ranger, which is a completely different animal in global spec than the Ranger we knew and loved here at home. But maybe we shouldn’t be too worried? After all, watching this modified Ford Ranger conquer the harshest conditions western Australia has to offer should put our minds to rest.

This particular Ranger is a 2013 model equipped with the PX trim, and with the turbocharged 3.2 liter, 5 cylinder diesel engine under the hood. It has all the typical off-road goodies us Americans employ on our rides, such as beefy bumpers, oversized skidplates, LED lighting, and a snorkel. A 2″ suspension, 1″ body lift, and some rather “meaty” 33 inch tires wrap up the mighty build. Dreamy, no?

In case you were skeptical about our friends down under, it’s clear by watching this video that the owner of this modified Ford Ranger is extremely passionate about his truck, and off-roading in general. According to the description, the owner custom fabricated his own running boards instead of buying a set off the shelf.

So, maybe we shouldn’t be too terribly worried about getting a “soft” version of the Ranger here in the States. Our friends across the globe have done quite well with the latest iteration of Ford’s midsize pickup, and there is clearly a robust aftermarket already in place.

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