This Ford Model A is Absolutely Perfect

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From 1928 until 1931, Ford produced the Model A. It was one of the company’s most successful cars ever, producing close to 5 million cars during that very short span. Of those original 5 million however, more and more of these Model As are becoming lost to time. Whether that’s because of rust, or because they weren’t kept after their initial use. That’s why, whenever you see one, you should consider yourself lucky, as Nathan Ruppert does.

Nathan is a man of one passion, and that is the Model A. He loves the truck so much, that he puts on an annual local celebration in Illinois called “Model A Day.” According to the Pekin Times, “It’s a daylong celebration of all things Model A that features a car display in the town park and a period clothing fashion show to add another heavy dose of verisimilitude to the idea of reversing time.

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Ruppert says the vehicles are pristine but driven examples of nostalgia, and onlookers who come to chat to their owners while gazing into the gleaming paintwork of Model A pickups, sedans, roadsters, town cars and on and on will have a grand old time.”

Nathan’s personal Model A is a pickup version, and as you can see from the pictures above, looks absolutely gorgeous.

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