Ford Thunderbird as a Look Into the Past

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The 2002 Ford Thunderbird was conceived in a time where American auto manufacturers were at the height of nostalgic designs. Things like the Chevy SSR, and the Plymouth Prowler were additional designs that didn’t exactly hit the mark. Yet, this one, this car is perhaps the worst examples of that time period.

It was a car based off the Jaguar S-Type, but it was shortened 5 inches, and was only built for two years. It was a terrible fiasco, but it was one that caught the eye of a very niche segment that still loves this car to this day. Personally, this car was terrible then, and it’s absolutely horrendous now. However, don’t take our word for it alone, take the word of the guys from Regular Car Reviews.

“The Ford Thunderbird, for the man that pays for Microsoft Word, it’s Baz Lurhman ten years before, with two seats, it’s the car you buy to reheat time.” We’ll leave you at that.

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