Ford Model A Tow Truck: Rolling in the Deep

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Ford Model A Tow Truck

Diesel Model A Tow Truck Battles the Elements and Rolls Coal in the Deep, Deep Snow

It’s always a bit crazy what ends up going viral on the Internet. Today, it’s an unassuming Ford tow truck beating the blizzard blues that has managed to capture our attention.

But what you see here isn’t your average vintage Ford truck. No, it’s a diesel-powered Model A tow truck. Underneath the classic Ford body is a 1925 White Yellowstone Park Bus, which was used as a wrecker until the 1970s. Utah based Mega X 2 gave it the Frankenstein treatment, as this Facebook video below shows.

While many will undoubtedly hate on the result, you can’t deny that this is one sweet ride. In addition, Mega X 2 is famous for building six-door heavy-duty trucks. They’ve also built a number of crazy rides for the National Park Service, and this wild Model A tow truck is their latest creation.

Beginning life as a wood-bodied open-top tour bus, the body was originally cut and converted around WWII. The White chassis proved more durable than Ford’s, which is why they chose to use it as a base. To fit the Model A cab on the bus chassis the frame was shortened, and with the original drivetrain long gone, Mega X 2 sourced a Cummins 4BT diesel.

A T18 4-speed transmission selects the gears, with an Axletech 600 transfer case sending power up front, and Axletech 4000 series off-road axles beef things up considerably. The result? One of, if not the coolest vintage diesel tow trucks you’ll ever see. It’s easy to imagine this Ford beast rescuing much newer rides stuck on the snowy trails. Even if it isn’t 100% Ford, this truck is an amazing story and an equally amazing ride that any enthusiast can appreciate.

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