Ford Raptor Tries to Get High

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MONDAY FUNDAY: Ford Raptor Tears Up the Beach in an Attempt to Fly High

Everybody does things differently. The way you do something may be different from the way your friend down the same thing. And, ad you may know, this isn’t a bad thing. It helps you to experience different things, learn your own lessons, and see how others work to accomplish something. This applies in all areas, from how you go about working to how you choose to buildup your vehicle. It also applies to how you like to use that vehicle.

In the clip we get to see today we get to witness one driver’s approach to jumping his Ford Raptor. After taking the ride to a beach, he tries his best to get some air. And he certainly does! He gets a few double-jumps and a few jostles, and you’re certain to agree that it looks like he’s having fun! Sure, it’s a bit of a rough ride, but that doesn’t mean his jumps weren’t spot on!

You’ll definitely want to see the Raptor tear up the beach! Watch the video below to see how well the Raptor performs!

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