Big Ford Bronco vs. Slippery Hillside

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Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco Takes On Perilous Mud Pit…and the Outcome Is Not What You’d Expect

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a late- generation Ford Bronco playing in a deep, watery pit. Needless to say, surface conditions are less than ideal.

Moises Giadans, whose Bronco videos we’ve featured  before, brings us this big ‘ol Bronco that can’t seem to conquer an obstacle. As soon as the footage rolls, we get the impression that this mud pit might present a battle despite aftermarket equipment. The mud is thick, slick and hard packed. As a result, clearing the slight incline isn’t easy.

After spending a few seconds spinning all-four wheels, the Ford Bronco pulls itself over the top of the mud pit, only to slide awkwardly down the bank and into the deep water. Once in the water it’s smooth sailing, but it quickly begins to spin the wheels on exit. The 302 V8 pushes hard, but the 33 inch mud tires simply can’t grip due to the mud.

Time after time, the big Ford Bronco backs up away from the bank and makes a hard run for it. Each time it gets a little closer, but never places all wheels on dry land! The packed mud proves to be too slick for the big, heavy Ford Bronco. And in the end the driver gives up.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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