Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX Gets Thrashed

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9,000 pounds. That’s how much Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX weighs. Part of that is surely down to the head duty tank treads that now inhabit where the wheels once were, and the rest is down to the bracing that’s needed to make this truck/tank hybrid abomination be able to tear through any snow, any rocks, anything essentially it, or Ken Block wants too.


Earlier this year, we saw a few videos of the RaptorTRAX absolutely decimating the peaks and valleys full of snow with Ken behind the wheel. But we really never heard from anyone, journalists included, how the truck thing actually feels or what it’s like to ride in it with a certified hoonigan in chief?

Thanks to the guys over at Car and Driver, we can finally know what the RaptorTRAX is really like. Earlier this year, Josh Dean headed up to Utah to spend the day ripping up a closed down ski resort with Ken and they filmed it. It’s pretty great so I urge you to watch it.

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