HUMP DAY JUMP V8 Ford Ranger Jumps Big at Glamis Dunes

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FTE Jump

Building a rig to perfection can be quite a challenge. In fact, to many it can seem close to unattainable. Still, when you finally finish the ride and get to take it out to have some fun, it becomes obvious that all the time, effort, and energy that was put into building the truck was well worth it. We’re sure that the driver of the V8 Ford Ranger in today’s video would agree!

This rig is a V8-powered Ford Ranger with Threat Motorsports beams, a spring under conversion kit, and some big off-road tires! In this clip, we get to see this beast jump big at Glamis Dunes, and it definitely seems like a lot of fun! Judging by the ATV riders looking on in the background, we’d say that they agree. Of course, it’d be a bit hard not to notice a flying Ford!

Check out the clip below and see the high-flying Ranger for yourself!

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