“Forza” is Releasing a “Fallout 4”-Themed Ford F-100

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If you’re unfamiliar with the video game series Fallout, it’s essentially a retro-styled survival story in life after an atom bomb has been dropped packaged¬†with a futuristic twist. And guess what survived the blasts: cars! So if you’re like us and wake up in feverish sweats thinking about whether or not we’d still be able to drive if we were attacked, rest easy.

Now in its fourth game (launching Nov. 10), Fallout has teamed up with the good fellas at Forza Motorsport to bring two of the vehicles from the post-nuclear game to the racing series. In addition to a custom Chryslus Rocket 69 model that has yet to be released yet, Forza drivers can now get behind the wheel of a 1956 Ford F-100.


Turn 10 Studios and Bethesda Game Studios gave the old-school truck has a retro-futuristic Vault-Tec theme (Vault-Tec is a company in Fallout that offers families a place to take shelter from the bombs). Apologies to all the PlayStation fans out there, this is for XBox One-only Forza 6.

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