1971 Ford F-100 Carries on the Family Business

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Every piece of fruit starts as a seed. With some nutrients and hydration, that seed grows into a plant that bears the fruit. You know this. Businesses run on a similar process. Everything starts as an idea, and with some resources, that base turns into a functioning, running result. It’s where the phrase “fruits of your labor” is applied. You know this too.

For Tom Gore Sr., his seed was a farm, and the result was literally fruit, wine grapes to be specific. And guess what his main resources was? A Mallard Green 1971 Ford F-100.

Purchased new for about $3,000, the truck moved the family to Healdsburg, Calif. when Tom and his wife decided it was time for a shift from their jobs as a humanitarian and a teacher. And after using the Ford as a main component of the business for years, its odometer sits at 167,000 miles and remains in the family to this day.

“I learned to drive in the truck when I got my license at 16, Tom Gore Jr. told Wall Street Journal reporter A.J. Baime. “And when my dad passed away in 2009, I inherited it. So the truck represents all kinds of milestones for me.”

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