Even After 77 Years, This Man Stills Loves Ford

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What we have here is a man and a love of trucks. Delmar Bequette retired from the trucking business quite some time ago, yet his love for all things related to trucks is still going strong. Even at his age, he still finds the time to pursue his passions. Two of which are currently located in his garage.

The two trucks are a 1962 Mack 2000 tractor trailer rig, and 1942 Ford Semi Track that he just picked up from someone that was in the middle of a very long 10-year restoration job on the pickup. The Ford was found through a mutual friend of the family, and had to be sold after the previous owner became ill. According to Delmar’s wife Sarah, they were just visiting a friend when they suggested that he should give it to them to finally finish the truck.

According to Delmar, the truck still had some rust, and the cab, chassis and motor were full of wasps. What they ended up with is an amazing story, and a truly great friendship, as well as a sweet truck. For more on Delmar’s story, check out the original article at BND.com.

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