Overkill Alert: The Krypton Ford F-350 is a Giant Green Atom Bomb

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If you were ever going to get radiation poisoning from a truck, it’d be from this custom Ford F-350. Built by Fab Fours, a South Carolina company that specializes in steel bumpers and other accessories for trucks and Jeeps, “Krypton” is in another world when it comes to customizations (both literally and figuratively).

Working from the inside out, this F-350 is first wrapped in a vinyl that looks like brushed metal. It was then fitted with a concoction of custom bumpers, visors, flares, racks, steps, and grilles. But the focal point is the wheels.

“The biggest thing we wanted to do with this truck was put these 40-inch tires on the factory suspension,” engineering tech Tim McDonald said. “Usually you need a 6-inch lift just to fit 35s, but we were able to do it on the stock suspension here… We actually towed the other vehicles we have here in the booth out here with this truck, so it definitely works.”

That’s something you can’t always say for every vehicle at SEMA. Among other things, Fab Fours also brought a ramped-up Jeep Wrangler that has a mohawk, so you know this company isn’t shy about getting attention.

Via [Equipment World and Fab Fours]

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