The Original American Racer – The Ford Model Dirt Track Roadster

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When the dust settled after the second World War, many young men were left with dreams and hopes to fulfill, and for many of them, those dreams were to go racing. Specially for the ones that got a taste of it while in combat overseas.

While not fully responsible for it, such movement fueled the birth of dirt track racing. Whether it be on a motorcycle or on a track roadster, going fast on dirt roads, dirt tracks, or dirt anything became a real thing, and dirt track racing is now considered a true American institution. Behold this Ford Model T/A dirt track roadster.


At a glance this would seem like a rather unsafe and uncomfortable machine to drive, and that’s because it is. The seat is basically just that, the accelerator pedal holds your foot in place as in wanting to kill you, the steering wheel is thin and overly communicative, and the exposed suspension rods and brake components are asking to be damaged by decree and send you into the nearest tree or pole. Still, that’s what dirt track racing was all about, a give-no-f#@ks kind of racing.

The Ford Model A chassis had a 1922 Model T body transplanted, along with a 1914 Model T rear deck and lid. A 1932 Chrysler grille was fitted into place, and the heart of the project is a vintage 270 cubic inch Chevrolet inline 6, paired to a 3-speed manual transmission which the builder chose to only give two works gears.


An amateur but avid welder and engineer by the name of Garland put this creation together, and he also deigned the stunning tripe exhaust manifold himself, as well as the twin exhaust, while the inner workings of the engine came from other motors and venues.

The photos don’t do any justice to how this bad boy must handle in track, so pay close attention and enjoy the shots!

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Story & photos via: [Silodrome

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