Throwback: Meet the 2013 Ford Stalker Van

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Stockyard 004-L

This week’s Throwback video features a parody commercial based on what appears to be a Ford E-250 Econoline panel van.

The odds are good that we have all heard the jokes and the stereotypes about creepy people driving these windowless vans and this spoof commercial focuses on those jokes – referring to the heavy duty Econoline as the 2013 Ford Stalker Van.

maxresdefaultThe video runs us through the key features of the 2013 Ford Stalker Van, specifically the lack of windows, the wide-open cargo area and the available four wheel drive system.

Helping talk up these key features are a couple of guys who fit into the stereotype of creepy, questionable individuals who cruise the block in their panel van.

ford stalkerIt is ridiculous, but it is clearly a parody piece so crank up your speakers and enjoy this 2013 Ford Stalker Van commercial.

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