How to Replace the Rear Differential on Your Ford Truck

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There is no other part outside of the suspension and camshafts that get accused of being “black magic” on your Ford Truck. However, replacing the differential on your truck isn’t all that hard if you take you time and follow along with this How-To video.

When it comes to the rear differential, Ford makes it pretty easy. From the standard open differential to the limited slip and locker options from the factory it’s actually kind of hard to do it wrong. If you’re unable to follow directions and take your time then, yeah, you’re going to have a bad time.

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Now, there are some tools you will need to do the job but that isn’t an excuse to accuse replacing the rear end as being too difficult for the home-gamer. Many of the tools you need are available for rent or purchase from you local auto parts or tool store.

The only thing I would add is checking the backlash of the ring gear and that the dial gauge used to check it is one thing you shouldn’t skimp out on when you are buying tools. Just be sure to get one with a magnetic base. This needs to be checked, even if you re-use your shims as the factory ones may have worn on older units.

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