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Ford Fusion to Leave Sedan Legacy Behind for Crossover Success

2018 Ford Fusion

Ford’s latest bold move behind the Fusion name an effort to encourage fans to make the jump to crossovers.

  Comments | By - July 17, 2018

Ford’s new Interiors Allow You to Carry More Crap!

What do all cars have in common nowadays? Besides having four tires and a steering wheel, they all lack room for all the crap we carry.

  Comments | By - October 18, 2016

This Handsome Vintage Ford Truck Went for the Price of a Fusion

For $22,260, you could buy an entry-level 2016 Ford Fusion. Or you could pass over a brand new car for a vintage vehicle with a lot of character and pay roughly the same amount of money.

  Comments | By - April 4, 2016

Poll: Is Ford’s Divorce-Themed Ad Dark or Touching?

The modern world of marketing and advertising is a complex beast, and companies and their respective PR agencies must come up with creative ways to captivate niche and general audiences alike.

  Comments | By - February 29, 2016

2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport Can Detect and Reduce the Impact from Driving Over Potholes

Car owners shell out a great deal of money every year because of potholes. Ford says, “According to AAA, pothole damage cost U.S. drivers approximately $3 billion a year and drivers report paying $300 to repair pothole-related vehicle damage.”

  Comments | By - February 19, 2016

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