Idaho Farmer’s Little Secret Headed to Auction After His Passing

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Over 80 vehicles were found in a locked barn, and many of them were stunning ’50s Ford trucks!

The term “barn find” has been widely overused in recent years, to the point that almost everything labeled a barn find rarely is. Auction companies simply use the catchy term to gather the public’s attention. That being said, this news out of Idaho definitely meets the qualifications of a real barn find. And a darn good one, too!

According to the Idaho Statesman, Sherri Anderson and her siblings have commissioned the Dealers Association of Idaho with the task of selling an incredible car and truck collection. Her father, Callan Phillips, amassed over 80 cars and trucks during his lifetime and stored them all in several barns around his Idaho farm.


Like most of Phillips’ sons and daughters, Anderson has a deep bond with some of the vehicles. Upon her father’s passing, the large collection was initially maintained by the family, but it has proven impossible and expensive to upkeep since. Among the pristine machinery headed to auction, are several Ford cars and trucks such as a 1950 and 1939 Ford pickup, a two 1960s Ford Rancheros, and not one, but four Ford Motel Ts.


If you’re looking for a Ford without a pickup bed, you’ll be able to bid on a 1965, 1966, 1968, and 1973 Ford Mustang. Want a little more flair? There are several Ford Thunderbirds available as well.

“It will be very sad in some ways, but the one thing Dad wanted.” “He wanted someone to enjoy these cars, too. So somebody who is going to buy these cars is going to enjoy them like he did. And that’s a kind of great thing to pass on” Anderson told the Idaho Statesman.


The video above shows how emotional this transition will be for the entire family, and how the vehicles themselves have played a key role in Anderson’s relationship with her father.

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