Ford Trucks and SUVs – Rockstars of Second Quarter

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ford trucks

Ford trucks enjoy the strongest second quarter since 2001, highlighting the F-Series’ superiority.

Strong truck sales highlighted Ford’s second-quarter financial results, according to a release from the company. The sales volume on the F-Series trucks marked the best second quarter for truck sales since 2001 while average price for sold trucks made a huge jump from 2016 numbers.

This year’s second-quarter F-Series sales were up seven percent over last year. Higher per-transaction prices aided that increase, representing the consumers’ desire for high-end models, and Raptor. Ford reports the average sale price on an F-Series truck was $45,400. That came across $3,100 more than last year’s Q2 average. In case you don’t really this on your own, allow us to tell you: that is a huge increase.

ford trucks

Editor’s note: The average sales price doesn’t represent a price hike on the F-Series, but the average price customers are actually paying these trucks, including equipment, options etc.

“This quarter shows the underlying health of our company with strong products like F-Series and commercial vehicles around the world, said Jim Hackett, Ford President and CEO in the press release, “but we have the opportunity to deliver even more.”

Ford truck and SUV sales increased their North American market shares in Q2. That also affected overall company revenue, which was up three percent over last year despite volume being down one percent.

ford trucks

SUV sales also drove big gains in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Ford. While some success could be attributed to Lincoln’s strength in China, a full lineup of SUVs throughout the region pushed volume up seven percent and revenue 21 percent.

All that adds up to continued strength for Ford trucks and SUVs, which appear to be the company’s sales backbone. But hey, what else it’s new?

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